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shipping delivery partners

Will Your Delivery Partners Protect You From Risk?

International shipping is complex. And with this complexity comes risk. There are lots of factors that can affect shipping.  Exporters...

freightliner - shipping prices

Why Are Low Shipping Prices Bad For Export Markets?

Shipping is very price-sensitive. The volatility in global markets and the fall in price of key commodities such as oil & steel have...

mouse technology

Technology – How Is It Improving Exporting?

Exporting is becoming increasingly diverse and agile due to the way technology is influencing and changing export behaviour and practices....


Exporting: What Do You Know and Who Should You Trust?

Exporting provides great opportunities, but aspects of it can be complicated.  If you’re not careful you can find yourself in deeper...

Acts of God

Exporters: Are You Prepared for Acts of God?

Did Noah have Marine Insurance? He didn’t need to because he was prepared for the flood and built the Ark accordingly. The rest of us are...