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supply chain management

How do People Impact Supply Chain Management?

Much supply chain management focuses on the challenges of a globalised market, ensuring that suppliers are reliable and compliant, and that...

supply chain

What Are the Benefits of a Proactive Supply Chain?

Effective exporting is not like posting a letter.  If exporters view the process as simply one of getting a consignment to a specified...

exporters local communications

Exporters: Why Should You Think Local to Go Global?

Exporters quickly find they cannot do everything themselves.  And that relinquishing a degree of control, while uncomfortable, is a...

shipping delivery partners

Will Your Delivery Partners Protect You From Risk?

International shipping is complex. And with this complexity comes risk. There are lots of factors that can affect shipping.  Exporters...

corrugated packaging

Why Can Poor Packaging Be Costly For Exporters?

Your shipment has to go through a variety of stages to get to its end destination, so it needs to be properly packaged. Just as if you were...