London Bridge Project Reveals the Route to New Market Success

London Bridge Project Reveals the Route to New Market Success

For many businesses with a successful service or product, the logical next step is to expand to the international market.

All the indicators at home are good and you see no reason why it won’t be a success in other countries. But is success really that easy?


“Before launching any product or service, it is vital to thoroughly research the market to make sure you give people what they want and need,” explains Kemal Sidar, CEO at leading international trade consultancy, London Bridge Project.

“It is also important to research the competition and see if you are entering an already-crowded market.”

When planning to take your products to international markets, there is far more than just the competition to consider.

“Cultural and economic differences play huge parts in international markets.”

“Certain colours might be appealing in one country but are considered bad luck in others and images and symbols can mean very different things, from being inappropriate to offensive”

Kemal Sidar, London Bridge Project

Even simple things such as sizing, colours and packaging can differ from country to country.

“Shoe sizes alone are different in the UK, the US and Europe and you need to ensure that you properly cater for the market you are operating in.

“You need in-depth knowledge of a country, culture, the markets and economies to help sales growth and sustainability”.


“A customer might come to us wanting to enter a particular market,” Kemal reveals. “Depending on what our analysts find, we might suggest a completely different market for them, one which they maybe hadn’t even considered.

“We will try to place a product where there is a gap in the market and not add it to somewhere that is overcrowded with plenty of competition, or we don’t see sustainable demand”

Kemal Sidar, London Bridge Project

“Thorough research is vital before you take the first steps producing a product or service,” Kemal concludes. “It will not only help you avoid markets where you may not thrive, it could also give you opportunities to expand into areas you hadn’t considered.”

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Mike Crutchley is a journalist and newspaper editor with more than 20 years in the industry with local, regional and national media. He now runs the PR firm Mike Crutchley Media.