Will Your Delivery Partners Protect You From Risk?

Will Your Delivery Partners Protect You From Risk?

International shipping is complex. And with this complexity comes risk. There are lots of factors that can affect shipping.  Exporters face issues around price and currency volatility, and the risk of delay, damage or loss to shipments. In short, there is a lot of detail to consider for each and every consignment. This is demanding on time and resources.  This is why choosing suitable delivery partners is a vital element in successful exporting.

Delivering on time is obviously important. But so is the knowledge that the price will equate to the level of service. Planning a budget for shipping is made more complicated in times of uncertainty around pricing.

“Shipping prices are ,” explains freight forwarding specialist Chris Houghton of Freedom Logistics. “This changeability means that getting the right price becomes more complex.”


“The devil is in the detail, and exporters can overlook important details that may appear, on the surface, to be minor.  It’s about asking the right questions to uncover the things that matter, in order to get the best deal”

Chris Houghton, Freedom Logistics


What’s the Damage?

There is always a risk involved in transporting goods. The items being shipped may be more or less likely to suffer damage, depending on what they are. However well-packaged goods are, there is still the risk of them being lost or damaged in transit if there is a shipwreck, plane crash or some other accident.

“Loss or damage of goods can finish a business if it doesn’t have a cargo insurance policy,” Chris states. “Having proper cover is vital, but so is knowing how your cargo should be stored and handled in transit.”

Another complex area is customs compliance.  This is an ever-shifting terrain of rules and regulations, presenting a major risk for exporters in terms of delay. Being prepared and planning for eventualities is the best way of combatting this.  But having connections with sound local knowledge is invaluable.

Complexity and risk go hand in hand in international trade,” Chris concludes. “Managing risk means working out how to have careful analysis without hampering the speed and dynamics of the operation. Exporters can actually achieve this by working with the right delivery partners with the right level of expertise.”

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