Are Your Visitor Screening Practices Fit For Purpose?

Are Your Visitor Screening Practices Fit For Purpose?

Security threats continue to grow in sophistication and frequency.

The team at OCR Global Trade Management, which specialises in global trade management software, recently launched the first of a series of webinars, aimed to dispel concerns.

About the Webinar

Best Practices for Visitor Screening in Controlled Facilities was directed towards facility security officers and explored the best practices for compliance.

It was ideal for those dealing with national and international visitors, and export personnel who manage visitors to controlled work locations and facilities, ensuring the right standards are upheld in terms of export compliance.

The webinar adhered to the requirements of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), ensuring all personnel keep staff and data safe.

Presented by Thomas Mathew, Senior Vice President at OCR, the webinar addressed the commonest visitor management systems. Within this, the team explored the key information to ask visitors, and what to keep on file while respecting GDPR rules.

For those dealing with controlled facilities, it also featured a NISPOM overview of best practices.

Understanding the Rules Across the Board

Dealing with markets all over the world, OCR addressed the various legislation applicable to key target areas.

The webinar also covered compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (for EU customers), as well as the latest changes to the California data privacy laws.

Karen Alleyne, Head of Global Marketing at OCR, said: “We are really pleased to deliver this series of webinars tackling the key issues with exporting and compliance.”

“We kicked off with a focus on visitor management but, going forward, our featured speakers will cover a range of hot industry topics.”

“We are going through a period of monumental change, which has bearings not only on legislation but on security and general business continuity”

Karen Alleyne, OCR

“Thomas Mathew, our Senior Vice President, has more than 25 years’ experience in web-based and client server applications, so he was the best person for the job when it came to deliver the first of our webinars,” Karen concludes.

Discover more about OCR’s series of webinars by calling 07470 945525 or clicking the button below:

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