London Bridge Project Affirms the Value of Going the Extra Mile

London Bridge Project Affirms the Value of Going the Extra Mile

Customer service is a key part of any business.

Clients and customers want to be valued and feel that they are getting value for money, but should their expectations change in the wake of the pandemic?

Navigate Cultural and Economic Differences

“In less-developed countries, you always have to go the extra mile for your clients,” suggests Kemal Sidar, CEO at award-winning international trade consultancy, London Bridge Project.

“In some cases, they may have little presence or few contacts and they are starting from scratch so we have to be their private sales and logistics team, making sure we do the best for them.”

“In countries where English isn’t the first language, everything has to be translated. We keep to the original meaning and essence, along with dealing with the difficulty of differences between American and UK English”

Kemal Sidar, London Bridge Project

“As well as differences in sizes, in the UK, the US and Europe alone, there is also different legislation we have to follow.”

“The Chinese are very well adapted to western ways, but we are happy enough to deal with the wider gaps in South Korea and certain Eastern European countries.”

“Restrictions brought in because of the pandemic mean we have to do some things differently, but we haven’t changed the high level of service we offer clients.”

The Attractive UK Market

London Bridge Project’s Chief Operations Officer, Aaron Sarac, continues, “Europe sees the UK as a huge, appealing market because it is a buyer of goods and services, and the ecommerce side is huge, worth £128 billion a year. To put it in context, Germany’s ecommerce market is worth £58 billion.”

“What UK customers spend is also more, with an average of 1,000 euros per customer per year, while in France, for example, it is 570 euros.”

This is a trend that Aaron and the team at London Bridge Project don’t see changing as lockdown measures continue to be lifted and the UK prepares for Brexit.

“Brexit is an opportunity. Wherever there is change, there is an opportunity to benefit from the gaps in the market”

Aaron Sarac, London Bridge Project

“After Brexit, Eastern European countries need the UK more than ever to continue their business.”

“There will be even more paperwork and more customs, especially with any lockdown restrictions,” Aaron concludes. “It is crucial that you use experienced companies, that go the extra mile, to help you reap the benefits of the UK market.”

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