Yarn Processing Expert Weaves Aid into Manufacturing Growth

Yarn Processing Expert Weaves Aid into Manufacturing Growth

Established yarn processing company, F Harding, based in Macclesfield, is re-launching itself as Harding Yarns as part of a dynamic, strategic campaign to attract and boost the UK’s manufacturing sector by supplying technical, industrial and cabled yarns to a whole range of businesses.


Unlocking Pre-manufacturing Potential

The Harding link with yarn manufacturing dates back to 1949, when Frank Harding, the founder of the business, was winding silk for parachutes.

Drawing on over 100 years of combined experience in the yarn industry, the Harding family still runs the business, but things have changed and are set to continue to do so.

“Yarns are an essential element in many different manufacturing areas, and we are positioning ourselves in the forefront when it comes to helping the UK’s manufacturing base grow and thrive,” Matthew Harding, spokesperson for Harding Yarns, states.

It is for this reason that the company is rebranding itself and seeking to widen its customer base.


“We want our customers to appreciate the experience and heritage involved, but we also want them to see how important yarn processing is to modern manufacturing, and how we can make a valuable contribution to Britain’s many diverse manufacturers”

Matthew Harding, Harding Yarns


Why are Yarns Essential?

Harding Yarns quite literally contributes to the fabric of the UK’s manufacturing base. Industrial yarns are essential in making such varied items as slings, seat belts, tyres, cables, dental care products, carpets, protective apparel, hoses and ropes.

“We definitely see ourselves as an essential part of the pre-manufacturing process,” Matthew says, “supplying the essential materials that give manufacturers the opportunity to turn their concepts into reality.”

Bringing together a formidable breadth and depth of technical expertise with state-of-the-art development and testing facilities, Harding Yarns can offer expert assistance and practical support to suppliers and customers searching for yarn solutions for their business needs.

“We see ourselves as a one-stop shop for industrial yarn users,” Matthew continues, “Our worldwide network of contacts means we’re able to quickly identify yarn supplies that match our customers’ needs, at competitive prices. And with our advanced yarn processing capacity, we can be sure to meet their production requirements.”


Making a Manufacturing Renaissance Possible

The role manufacturing plays – and can continue to develop – as part of the UK economy is often underestimated.


“There’s a persistently pessimistic narrative about the decline of manufacturing in this country.  We want to help turn this around by focusing our efforts on the many dynamic manufacturers who are working in the UK”

Matthew Harding, Harding Yarns


According to the BBC, at the start of 2017, economists assessed manufacturing as being on a strong footing, with the weaker pound boosting overseas orders and the purchasing managers’ index (PMI) indicating expansion in this sector.

“It is time to seize the opportunity,” Matthew states, “and help manufacturing in the UK become something people no longer perceive as being past its prime, but instead an essential contributor to a growing economy.”

“As the UK’s manufacturers increasingly turn to digitalisation and new technologies to help streamline supply chains, Harding Yarns wants to continue to be the go-to supplier, servicing their needs for the materials to enable them to grow,” concludes Matthew.

To discover more about Harding Yarns and how they can benefit your business, please call 01260 253600 or visit yarnsprocessing.co.uk.