Janus Worldwide and Toucan Telemarketing Prove Their Sales Acceleration Versatility

Janus Worldwide and Toucan Telemarketing Prove Their Sales Acceleration Versatility

If there is any question whether marketing activity is an add-on or something that is integral to business growth and development, then here is a story that clearly demonstrates its value.

Toucan Telemarketing specialises in B2B telemarketing services, providing support to a whole range of businesses looking to boost their lead generation and start the ball rolling with key contacts in their target industries.

One of Toucan Telemarketing’s clients is Janus Worldwide, specialists in translation and localisation services to global eCommerce, manufacturing, IT and other companies.

Here, Steve Higgins, Sales Director for Europe at Janus Worldwide, talks about the valuable contribution telemarketing has made to the business.


Growing a Customer Base

“Around two and a half years ago, we were looking strategically at growing our UK customer base. We were looking at potential exporters and the services we could offer them.”

The issue was twofold:

  1. Having the resources, and time, to put a detailed plan for this strategy in place
  2. Enacting the above


“Whereas we knew the sort of prospects we wanted, we didn’t know the detail, in terms of reaching the right decision-makers.”

This is the challenge many businesses face when prospecting, how to start conversations with the key people who will be in a position to take things to the next level.  The risk is that this part of the sales cycle can be both slow and frustrating, to the extent that it can virtually halt a growth strategy in its tracks.

Despite the relative sophistication of modern commerce, and the interconnectivity of much business in the digital age, getting a foot in the door still remains a governing principle of any sales activity.


Building a Legacy

“What Toucan Telemarketing offer us is a highly skilled resource to go out and find the decision-makers we needed,” explains Steve.


Toucan Telemarketing have worked closely with us for over two years, helping us make a real impact on the market

Steve Higgins, Janus Worldwide


“Through generating regular appointments and quotations, this activity has speeded up our sales cycle, resulting in repeat business.  We now work with one of the top five international IT companies as our client, which is a direct result of the work Toucan Telemarketing has done on our behalf.”

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing, explains, “Expert B2B telemarketing is not about cold calling or aggressive marketing. It is about starting meaningful conversations with people who are then likely to have a genuine need for the product or service concerned.”

“We combine diligent research, resilience, persuasiveness and people skills,” concludes Paula, “and our results speak for themselves.”


Find out about Janus Worldwide’s translation and localisation services, by calling 01484 963828 or visiting janusww.com.

To discover how Toucan Telemarketing could improve your sales opportunities, please call 01260 294444 or visit toucantelemarketing.co.uk.