Tony Goodman MBE Explores UK’s Readiness to Approach Bigger Markets

Tony Goodman MBE Explores UK’s Readiness to Approach Bigger Markets

From a political standpoint, Britain’s reputation has suffered in recent years. Beyond Brexit, however, our nation continues to uphold its high standards and product quality – something which we should use to our advantage, says Tony Goodman MBE.

Goodman, marketing and export advisor, and Chairman of Collatia Partners, notes the broad spectrum of exporting opportunities beyond Europe. In particular, we should focus on China, Japan and Commonwealth countries.

High Standards Across Multiple Industries

The UK has a world-renowned reputation for high-quality products in multiple sectors, from food and drink to technology and fashion.

“The growing wealthy and middle class in China are now estimated to be in excess of 5% of the entire population. That represents more than the total population of the UK, seeking out high-quality and high-standard goods”

Tony Goodman MBE

In particular, China is seeking high-standard products in the wake of various scandals over the years. These include the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, in which infant milk had become contaminated with melamine, affecting 300,000 children.

“There is a huge overhaul on standards across the board in China at the moment. The law is changing rapidly, from health and safety to intellectual property.”

“We might think of overseas products as attractive, but there they are considered safe and necessary.”

Targeting Better Living Standards

Another prosperous market for UK exports is Japan. This is largely due to the higher standard of living relative to other regions.

The country tops the rankings for personal security, and ranks above average for household income, wealth, education, housing and environmental quality, according to the OECD.

This makes Japan a prime target for premium products across a huge range of sectors.

“There are many well-known international brands being sold there, from food to clothing,” says Goodman.

Notable examples include Jameson’s Whiskey, whose success in Japan has led to a predicted £12 million sales worldwide by 2020.

A Push for Exports

In his seminar, How to Survive and Prosper in a New World Market, Goodman discusses how the UK Government is looking to push exports up from 29% of the GDP to 35%.

“We should not ignore our relationship with the Commonwealth as, in 2018, it accounted for 8.4% of the UK’s total trade – around the same as our exports to Germany”

Tony Goodman MBE

Additionally, the UK has recorded a trade surplus with the Commonwealth every year since 2010.

The Time is Now

With this focus on quality and our ongoing relationships with nations outside of the EU, Goodman believes there is prosperity on the horizon.

“Despite Brexit uncertainty, now is the time to start exporting to wider markets and move on from our Euro or even UK-centric attitude.”

“We have a massive opportunity before us, with some of the world’s largest markets growing richer every day,” Tony concludes. “We need to seize this.”

Tony Goodman’s successful seminar, How to Survive and Prosper in a New World Market, was at the White Label Expo in November 2019.

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