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yarn processing - Harding Yarns

Yarn Processing Expert Weaves Aid into Manufacturing Growth

Established yarn processing company, F Harding, based in Macclesfield, is re-launching itself as Harding Yarns as part of a dynamic,...

business rates - retailers

How Can Business Rates Damage UK Retail Investment?

What is going to deter international investment in the future?   While uncertainty continues over how the UK economy will look after we...

donald trump - protectionism

Will Protectionism Pose a Threat to World Trade?

President Trump continues to dominate the headlines. His “America First” rhetoric is dramatic and threatens to cause serious disruption...

social enterprises - earth

How Can You Successfully Export Social Enterprises?

Social enterprises generate the majority of their income through trade.  But they reinvest most of their profits while having a clear...

economy and exporting opportunities

How Will The Economy Affect Exporting Opportunities?

The UK is running a widening trade deficit, recorded as £5.1bn in June 2016. This figure represents the UK’s trade gap with the rest of...