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Exporting: Why Shouldn’t One Size Fit All?

We know about global brands.  The big players like Apple and Coke. But for many manufacturers, a successful exporting strategy requires a...

manufacturing and next-shoring

Is Next-Shoring An Export Challenge or Opportunity?

Manufacturing trends in exporting shift, from off-shoring to near-shoring.  This is largely in response to changing labour and fuel costs....

export opportunities - hong kong, china

How Can the Mid-market Expand Its Export Opportunities?

It is no secret that there has been a prolonged and harsh recession in large parts of the Eurozone. But for medium-sized UK companies, this...

industry export growth

How Can We Support Export Growth in Manufacturing?

There is a popular misconception that the UK economy is simply service-led and that manufacturing has a shrinking role. However, the...

energy savings

How Can Energy Savings Provide Export Success?

No market is perfect so any business looking to export abroad has to evaluate the risks and opportunities. Developing an export business...