SME’s prosper from hidden Investors

SME’s prosper from hidden Investors

Struggling businesses that have underlying potential are benefiting from a fresh approach to delivering specialist equity investment, with a direct link to industry expertise.

Aqvvs Capital is experiencing a dramatic increase in demand for equity funding from niche, hard-to-find investors who bring their own specialist skills to turnaround situations.

Manchester-based Aqvvs is currently receiving one enquiry every day and has seen eight investments complete in the last nine months in sectors such as steel fabrication, engineering, on-line retail, medical supplies, haulage and construction.

Finance options are available for SMEs with specific issues, typically with turnover of less than £10m.

Aqvvs links them to ‘off-the-radar’ investors who have the funds and industry-specific  knowledge to create comprehensive solutions to financial problems and unlock suppressed value.

As the alternative investment and funding arm of Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group (LCBSG), Aqvvs also gives investee firms access to the group’s specialist service lines.

These include:

• Business turnaround

• HMRC restructuring services

• Interim management

• Professional financial advisers

Established last year, Aqvvs works with a growing network of difficult-to-reach investors, including high net worth individuals and industry-focused equity fund providers. This means Aqvvs can deliver innovative and effective investment solutions by matching the aspirations and personality of business owners with the most appropriate funders.

Paul Reeves, a director at Aqvvs, commented: “There is a growing number of funding alternatives available, but we provide a different dimension by bringing niche investors with sector expertise to businesses, which require between £50,000 and £1m of funding – numbers not normally associated with the private equity sector.

“Real added value comes from LCBSG’s suite of services which have consistently enabled stressed businesses with stifled potential to reverse their fortunes and truly prosper.”  Aqvvs recently assisted a metal fabrication business in the North of England that was heading towards insolvency because it owed a considerable sum to HMRC and traditional funding options had been exhausted”.

Reeves continued: “The good news was that the firm’s forward order book was looking strong and we managed to match the business with an engineering-based investor group.

“The business received investment to move premises, pay off HMRC debt and recruit additional sales team members. The investor also opened up new markets and has introduced more robust internal accounting procedures. As a result, the business is now looking ahead to a bright and profitable future.”

Aqvvs Capital is mainly run through the Manchester and London offices of Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group.