SME businesses – Have you discovered the New World?

SME businesses – Have you discovered the New World?

Henry R. Luce, the American publishing magnate once said: “Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual – dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.”

The world is getting ever smaller, communication is instantaneous and the potential to buy and sell products and services on the global stage is getting much easier. For a lot of larger companies, international trade is the norm becoming a key contributor to the growth of their business.

But it is less so with smaller businesses – many of them have yet to discover this new world of International Trade which is awaiting them.

When many clients first approach us they know they are keen to trade internationally and may have had limited experience of doing so, but they rarely know where to start to pursue this on a larger scale.

For the SME, the prospect of doing International trade can seem quite daunting, and something maybe more suited to larger organisations.

For the smaller business, international trade has many benefits, some more obvious than others. It is however, essential that it is planned and undertaken in a methodical manner to avoid the many potential pitfalls – this is where Core can help.

With the majority of our clients we begin by sitting down one on one to understand their goals and objectives. We discuss why they want to export, what their products or services are and what sets them apart from their competitors.

From there, we can define where their target export regions should be and strategically how these should be individually approached.

Benefit of the Core Network for exporters

Core differs from other advisors in that we provide a personalised hand-holding approach to international business.  We don’t simply read from a text book or quote research from the internet. We have a portfolio of ‘on the ground’ contacts from over 20 years international business experience, covering over 110 countries.

Through these networks, we can make personal introductions for our clients, direct to the decision makers.

Through my experience, and when talking to our clients, it is clear that the potential benefits of international trade greatly outweigh the risks. Our job is to try to help mitigate the risks and provide a clear route to international success through clear thinking and sensible strategies.

There is never a better time to start to trade internationally and the following are some of the main benefits that can be obtained through exporting:

• Increased sales and profits

• Reduced risk and balanced growth

• Economies of scale

• Reduced seasonal impact

• Positive payment terms

• Extension of the product lifecycle

• Improvement in production quality

Support Available for UK SME’s

With an unprecedented level of support now available from banks such as Santander, plus organisations such as the UKTI, there has never been a better time for UK SME’s to export.

A wide variety of help is available for your business, and by working alongside these major institutions, Core Business Solutions is ready to help your business expand.

John Holmes
Managing Partner
Core Business Solutions
email: john