Why Can Poor Packaging Be Costly For Exporters?

Why Can Poor Packaging Be Costly For Exporters?

Your shipment has to go through a variety of stages to get to its end destination, so it needs to be properly packaged. Just as if you were setting out on a long journey you would want to have the appropriate clothing, so your shipment requires the right packaging. If you get the packaging wrong, then your exporting plans are likely to come undone.  Just like your package.


The Wrong Box?

Is the packaging appropriate for the item? Some exporters might think that a box is simply a box.  In fact, the choice of packaging can make all the difference to successful shipping. This requires forward planning, knowing the number of times the package is going to be handled, and what modes of transport will be involved in the journey to its final destination.

It is obviously crucial that the product is intact on arrival, so the packaging has to be secure and robust enough to withstand transportation. Also, the size of the box exporters choose may affect the cost of the shipment.  Choosing a size to match the product, or the volume of the shipment, makes sense, rather than simply going for some randomly large enough box as many carriers no longer charge based solely on weight.


Weight Watchers

Weight can be another issue.  If a company is not able to correctly determine the weight of its shipment, and it relies on an estimated figure, it may find itself having to pay additional carrier fees.

Carriers have certified scales at their terminals, so they will re-weigh shipments and add a fee if necessary. These unplanned extra costs can soon mount up.  This is another example of why having the right resources in place is key to successful exporting.

There can also be various regulations governing packaging depending on the destination of the shipment. One example is where some countries have strict controls on wood packaging in order to enforce environmental pest control. This would then affect any shipments using wooden pallets.

The old saying is that good things come in small packages.  In this instance, it would be more fitting to say that they need shipping in the right packages, to ensure exporting success.