Partnership with Huub suits Triathlon South Africa

Partnership with Huub suits Triathlon South Africa

The HUUB brand of triathlon wetsuits, together with their South African Distributor, T3 Multisports, has today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Triathlon South Africa (TSA), advancing the inspirational corporate rise for the UK based triathlon brand.

Triathlon company, HUUB, will provide their state-of the art wetsuits to TSA as the official wetsuits of Triathlon South Africa. The announcement marks a new stage in the remarkable rise of HUUB as a global leader in wetsuits and triathlon kit and the rise of the sport of triathlon in South Africa and on the African Continent.  HUUB and T3’s commitment to TSA is a massive step forward in the triathlon space in South Africa.

Debbie Alexander, President of Triathlon South Africa expressed her delight at the pioneering partnership:  “We are very happy and honoured that HUUB and T3 Multisports have chosen to be associated with Triathlon South Africa. We welcome this backing as we share the same commitment to the growth of our sport and the performance of our athletes and we look forward to building our brands together”.

Debbie added: “I am thrilled that this partnership will give our national triathletes and paratriathletes the opportunity to benefit from HUUB’s innovative technology especially in such a highly competitive international arena”.

The suits the TSA national athletes will use are the result of a strenuous technical research programme, which has revolutionised the thinking behind wetsuits for triathletes. Until now, the cycling and running disciplines benefitted from a technical approach to equipment which the swimming element failed to replicate.

HUUB’s research, which was begun three decades ago by Dutch sports scientist, Huub Toussaint, now offers options on suits which match the body type of an athlete and maximise their potential.

HUUB recognises that triathletes do not all swim the same and the wetsuits are therefore available in two versions; one for swimmers with good body alignment and another which counteracts sinking legs during the swim. The wetsuits also utilise many features which enhance body alignment and buoyancy, including built in bicep and calf ‘release’ areas on the wetsuits which improve stroke efficiency and kick propulsion.

The HUUB suits all feature a revolutionary break-away zipper for vital transition speed.

T3 Owner, Louis Daffarn said: “We are a small business with a deep commitment to triathlon and its growth in Southern Africa.  HUUB are deeply passionate and matched our commitment in this endeavour.

”With Triathlon growing in popularity globally and international competition becoming more commonplace, HUUB are destined to grow into an ever leading role as the true innovator and leader in Triathlon apparel of all kinds