Modern Haulage: How Can Finance Free Up Innovation?

Modern Haulage: How Can Finance Free Up Innovation?

Many haulage companies exist on the knife-edge of competition. They face big operational costs and a constant threat to their margins. But they also need to be flexible and adaptable to survive and thrive. One area where hauliers can really improve their performance is in technology and the application of new software solutions in the pursuit of operational efficiencies and savings. However, to do this, they need the right kind of financial support and funding.


Capital and Freedom

Many businesses become trapped in a cycle where they are combatting downturns without being able to truly make progress. Where there are considerable capital costs involved in asset management, alongside ongoing maintenance and servicing costs, the room for investment in innovation is severely squeezed.

“Haulage companies face inherent obstacles and challenges,” observes Gary Cain of , “These can have the effect of narrowing their focus and in the long term, inhibiting growth.”

Businesses need to be flexible and adaptable to survive and grow, but freedom comes at a cost, which is why a more innovative approach to financing can make a good match for agile strategic business planning.


Finance means freedom, providing that hauliers have the right kind of access to money that will enable them to invest in innovation while protecting their existing assets and organisation”

Gary Cain, Reach Commercial Finance


Investing in Haulage Optimisation

There is an increasing range of software solutions tailored to fit the needs of the haulage industry.  They address issues around planning, tracking and maximising resources.

“The whole concept of haulage optimisation is to offer joined-up solutions and modelling for strategic planning,” Gary explains. “Obviously there is a cost attached to this kind of innovation, which is where the right kind of financial support and packages come in.”

Some of this support may be indirect.  By receiving flexible support in some key areas, businesses can find themselves freed up to concentrate on others.

“There are basic infrastructure issues such as invoice discounting, and asset and trade finance that, once properly addressed, can offer a greater degree of freedom for companies to concentrate on more strategic matters,” Gary points out.

Gary stresses the importance of how the financial support being offered needs to be sufficiently agile and adaptable to match the agility of the client business.

“Financial support, if done right, can bring with it a degree of vision, which, in the case of haulage companies, can truly enable them to move forward,” Gary concludes.

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