Mobility and the Cloud: Essentials for Export Success

Mobility and the Cloud: Essentials for Export Success

IT underpins successful businesses, to the extent that in many cases it has become, crucially, the engine that drives the machine. Technology offers businesses scalable solutions, enabling them to expand. A crucial element in expansion is in the growth of export markets, which is why mobile technology and cloud computing are crucial.

Rob Lawlor, Senior Account Manager at Intercity Technology, sees the value in businesses having a mobility strategy. “We can work with companies to ensure they not only stay connected while travelling, but also that cost is kept to a minimum and security is paramount”.

When a company begins to do business abroad, it may well be venturing outside its comfort zone.  “Often this is an area which can cause confusion and a certain degree of panic”, Rob explains. “This is why we have a continued emphasis on mobility and cloud services as key priorities”.

If the focus has shifted markedly to flexible working, to enhance productivity, there are certain challenges arising from this, with security and resilience being uppermost in urgency.

“It has been identified that many employees now routinely purchase a business app without consulting their IT team.  This figure is as high as 80%, according to Crown Commercial Service (CCS) figures”, continues Rob. “This renders a company’s IT policies redundant and increases its security risk exponentially”.

One of the key ways in which independent IT professionals can help companies is in identifying and building solid, trust-based relationships with service providers in order to bolster IT and telecoms strategies and reinforce security and robust practices.

This is about educating IT teams, so that they understand how the workforce’s attitude to technology, and mobile technology in particular, is changing. This understanding can then help inform new strategies that in turn help businesses as they expand into export markets.

“IT strategies can tangibly improve business productivity and performance, particularly if they involve getting the workforce to buy in to them from the outset,” Rob states.

Intercity Technology has successfully adopted this approach on a number of projects, ultimately increasing their clients’ customer satisfaction levels through wholesale adoption of new mobile platform technologies.

In the field of mobile and telecoms technology, there is a continuing need to ensure good customer service while expanding markets. As part of The Core Privilege Partnership, a group of like-minded professionals offering SMEs advice and guidance for export expansion, Intercity Technology is looking to address this and other IT issues.

Rob concludes, “We are constantly striving to offer the best service possible to our clients. The Core Privilege Partnership strengthens our own position and also offers our clients access to industry experts who can help their businesses grow.”

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