Can You Manufacture Successful Business Relationships?

Can You Manufacture Successful Business Relationships?

How do smaller manufacturers survive and thrive? Many are specialists serving niche markets so they rely on word of mouth recommendations to get new customers. Reputations are built on this, as is business success.  For word of mouth to work, it has to come from solid business relationships, and these are built on trust.


The Quietly Confident Supplier

Success does not automatically come to those who shout loudest. Being quietly confident may actually be more effective.

“Relationships work when you understand what’s at stake and you put business before your immediate, personal emotional response”, observes Nick Davis, Director of Grange Products, in Stockport.  “Sometimes things go wrong, but if you leave enough space for negotiation, you can put them right. You can actually progress a successful business relationship on the back of this”.

Grange Products is a manufacturer of specialist electronic products across a range of sectors, from transport and security to military, marine and telecommunications. The product range includes automotive electronics, communication systems, circuit boards and computer hardware.


“We have been in situations where we have had the opportunity to build business on the back of an initial order, sometimes involving a whole new product.  The key to this is momentum. We enable the client to fulfil their increasing sales by guaranteeing their production

Nick Davis, Grange Products


Magic in Manufacturing

Becoming a trusted supplier in manufacturing terms is absolutely about delivering the goods. But this also involves a degree of diplomacy and a firm understanding of the dynamics of the supplier-customer relationship.

“It’s not just about us keeping up with demand”, Nick says. “By building strong relationships we become an integral part of the process.”  In growth terms, the relationship is a circular one, whereby each party’s successful participation feeds the success of the other.

“We had a site visit from a client business’ Technical Director”, recounts Nick. “He was surprised at what a lean, streamlined operation we have. He was trying to reconcile the physical space with the service we were providing him with. In the end what he said was, this is how the magic happens’”.

The real magic comes from business relationships, and how at their best they allow all concerned to grow through trust and inter-dependency.

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