How Can You Make Your Brand Values Exportable?

How Can You Make Your Brand Values Exportable?

Creativity is not a luxury add-on. Business performance is a process, with identifiable stages and connections and building a successful brand is an integral part of it. However, exporting brings additional questions and challenges around brand values and image. So what do businesses need to consider when preparing their branding for export?


Will They Choose Your Brand?

The brand is there to help the buyer with making a choice. It helps to assert positively in the buyer’s mind what the product does and what level of quality they should expect from it. The question then becomes one of whether the brand values you have established domestically will translate to overseas markets?

John Holmes of Core Business Solutions comments on how brand building is crucial in the economies of scale involved in exporting: “Your branding gives you credibility so communicating your brand values has to work in the context of your target markets abroad”.

Research is crucial. Exporters have to understand their target audience and who their competitors are in the market to which they are going to export.  Will your core brand values and market positioning work overseas?


Conspicuous for the Right Reasons?

Logos and brand names have to translate culturally. There are plenty of seemingly innocuous words that can have a very different meaning in other territories. Similarly, colour palettes can vary in appropriateness depending on their cultural setting.

For a brand to stand out it has to work positively in the market for which the product is intended. However, also consider the wider global overview.


“Your brand needs consistency which means developing a global design framework. Local needs should be met, but not at the expense of the bigger picture”



Belt and Braces

Creating an international brand has to be cost effective and the best way of achieving this is how to get the best return on investment from creative input.

“There is a clear value in the communications a business employs to place its brand locally”, John comments, “but to achieve this involves a strategic approach to finances”.

Brand building has to take into account other aspects of the business, including production and the supply chain.

“Cash flow kills companies, not turnover”. John concludes, “People shouldn’t run before they can walk. Get the strategy, the organisation and the funding right first. Then build your brand for export”.


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