Is Guadalajara the New Madrid for Business Relocation?

Is Guadalajara the New Madrid for Business Relocation?

There are many factors which influence where a company locates their business in Spain. From looking at the influential companies who have already made this leap, it probably seems like there is only one place to consider – the capital, Madrid.

However, with ever-rising prices and demand for space in the city, prices of sites are at an all-time high.

Other factors such as availability of raw materials, technology, trained staff, transportation links, logistics and business support services all play an important part. The combined cost of all of these could be an inhibiting factor.

How could your costs be kept to a minimum, and yet still reap the rewards of the desired location of Madrid?

Louisa Criscenti-Brown, UK Partner of business internationalisation specialists, How2Go Worldwide Business Solutions, states the case for Guadalajara.

The Value of Guadalajara

“Only 20 minutes away from Madrid, Guadalajara benefits from excellent communication links to Madrid and Barcelona as it is strategically situated between both,” explains Louisa.

“It is also centrally located within the Iberian Peninsula and shares the benefit of the Adolfo Suarez International airport nearby with Madrid.”

“Companies such as Isover St Gobain, BASF, DSV Global Transport and Logistics and LCN, to name but a few, have made their home in Guadalajara, so businesses deciding to settle there will be in good company”

Louisa Criscenti-Brown

Thanks to the local university UAH Guadalajara, part of the renowned no 1 International university Alcalà de Henares, there is no shortage of qualified staff particularly in the fields of science and technology.

“Inhabitants also benefit from a more open, spacious environment with less pollution, less stressful commuting to attend work every day and lower living costs particularly in housing.”

Environmentally, the region  has invested alot into renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, and also boasts 3 national parks.

“Guadalajara can offer tangible advantages as an alternative business location to Madrid,” concludes Louisa. “The region is good to go. Are you?”

Louisa Criscenti-Brown is one of the speakers at the Guadalajara Investment Forum, organised in co-operation with Guadalajara Empresarial.

Taking place on 3rd December 2019 at the offices of British Expertise International, London, speakers include the Mayor of Guadalajara, the President of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara and the team at Guadalajara Empresarial, as well as Ignacio Morillas Paredes from law firm Colman Coyle.

Discover more about the event or book your place here.