Exporting: What Is at the Core of Business Growth?

Exporting: What Is at the Core of Business Growth?

The future is uncertain, but it is also an opportunity. There are economic questions surrounding Brexit and what form it will finally take, but there is also a shift in focus: towards global trade outside the EU.

Exporting represents a leap forward, in both strategic thinking and operations.  For many UK businesses this feels like a big challenge.

Many UK businesses wanting to become global players can benefit from specialised support and assistance. This is what Core Business Solutions will provide with an expansion of the services it offers.


The Time for Growth is Now

John Holmes, Chairman of Core Business Solutions, points out how export can lead to substantial levels of growth:

“The government reports that 85% of companies say exporting has meant growth at levels not otherwise possible,” he states, “but for many others the potential is there. It becomes a question of how you scale your ambitions to fit.”

For John, one of the key barriers businesses must overcome, is in how they see themselves in relation to potential markets overseas.


“You shouldn’t let the fact that your business’s home is the UK be a hurdle to expanding globally.  This requires a shift in mindset, and developing the necessary vision to take your business forward internationally

John Holmes, Core Business Solutions


What John sees Core’s role as, is an enabler of growth, by providing practical support and advice to businesses wanting to export.


Specialist Services

The foundation of Core’s approach is real-world experience, as John explains: “We’ve assembled a team of industry experts who have lived and breathed the issues people face when building businesses.”

The specialist services Core is launching cover strategic development and operational support, business continuity and security, alongside branding and marketing.


“We want to ensure a consistent, coherent approach to the overall international development of our customers.  This means maintaining a clear overview while also examining key aspects and looking at issues businesses face from different perspectives”

John Holmes, Core Business Solutions


Embarking on an international journey raises questions and issues. Core can help businesses systematically address these and to develop a far-reaching, global vision of global success.

“Don’t be afraid to try new markets,” John advises, “and remember, you’re not on your own. The team at Core will provide you with an independent business support service to help you develop and fulfil your global ambitions.”

If you are ready to explore new markets and require support to do so, please call Core Business Solutions on 01695 732543 or visit corebusiness.group.