Exporters – Are your heads in the Cloud?

Exporters – Are your heads in the Cloud?

Cloud technology offers the chance of improved productivity to businesses as it can be time-saving, and offers more workplace flexibility. It is technology at its most enabling and transformative.

Exporters have benefited from adopting cloud technology, but with its’ openness and adaptability it has brought with it certain challenges.

Export Experts Magazine discussed these challenges with our Exec Editor, David Lomas who commented: “Exporters recognise that they are operating in areas where data security and client confidentiality are paramount”, explained David.  “Cloud-based platforms are really well suited to the export business because they combine the immediacy of access with robust data protection and business continuity over all time zones and regions.”

David continued, “Exporters need to be sure that they keep control of the security of data once it can be remotely accessed. They need to ensure, by prior, written agreement with their clients and partners, that they have the right to retrieve their data and that the provider can guarantee its portability and continuity”.

These rules are indicative of an increased regulatory interest in online services and the requirement to comply with the 1988 Data Protection Act.

“Cloud service providers need to work with businesses, rather than see it as restricting what they can offer. The important thing is for IFAs and their customers to have full confidence in cloud-based IT platforms and in how these can provide a better level of service.”

IT providers have a wealth of experience in providing watertight IT security systems while keeping them fully accessible and interactive for users. In terms of time, data safety and storage, and in business continuity, the cloud offers exporters the opportunity to increase their business worldwide.