Exporters – Who is Protecting Your Business?

Exporters – Who is Protecting Your Business?

Business is dynamic, but risky. Expanding into export markets requires determination and a willingness to venture outside your comfort zone. The obstacles to success that exporters might face are varied, including:

  • cultural and language barriers
  • ensuring the credit worthiness of customers
  • logistical delays
  • fluctuating exchange rates
  • and international trade barriers

However, the key risk to most companies comes from ensuring the well-being of business owners and their staff.  Any company needs the right people in place to flourish, achieve and maintain its momentum.

Martin Byrne specialises in protecting businesses and sees it as an essential element when it comes to expanding and exporting.

“Business owners think business protection is complicated and expensive, but in many cases one simple policy can make sure they don’t suffer financially if it all goes wrong”

Martin Byrne, Business Protect

“Most people go into business because they want a better life for themselves and their loved ones, but there is a massive gap in business protection”.

The key for exporters is to trade with total confidence…and have a safety net in place.

Protect Your Business

Martin’s company, Business Protect, focuses on a specific set of services. These include;

  • group company benefits
  • key person
  • share protection
  • loan protection

A good adviser should be able to explain how a product works in a very simple way.  

“We look at how a company can take out benefits for its employees, including key staff members, in the event of anything happening that could seriously affect their health and in doing so, the successful operation of the business,” Martin explains.

“We can also recommend policies to secure the repayment of loans in the event of death, and benefits around owned shares in a similar way”.

“The right business protection can help companies in their export trading by giving them the confidence to embrace change and run with the opportunities it brings”

Martin Byrne, Business Protect

“I meet my clients regularly, so that they’re reassured that the policies I’ve put in place are dynamic, responsive, and there for them,” Martin concludes. “In short, I’m watching their backs as they move ahead.”

For more information or to discuss options for protecting your business, please call Business Protect on 0161 956 2470 or visit .