Exporters and Cybercrime: Beware the Man-In-The-Middle

Exporters and Cybercrime: Beware the Man-In-The-Middle

Expanding into exports requires flexibility and adaptability. Mobile technology can be an enormous help as it eases communication channels and allows for the portability of resources regardless of distance or culture. But just as the Dark Web is a concealed mirror image of the internet, so cybercrime has itself become mobile, and frighteningly versatile.

Wi-fi access is taken for granted as an enabling force for mobile functionality. Most of us have sat in cafes and public spaces, making use of the wi-fi access that is readily available to us. But how secure is public wi-fi?

How susceptible are we to cybercrime? And when it comes to international hot spots, are they hot for all the wrong reasons?

Rob Lawlor of points out how easy it is for us to be lulled into a false sense of security by enabling technology. “You wouldn’t leave your laptop open and unattended in a public place, especially when travelling internationally. With public wi-fi hot spots, your data may actually be just as exposed as if you had”, he states.

“If you’re in an unfamiliar place, how do you know the wi-fi you’re using is secure?” questions Rob.


The Man in the Middle

In computer security terms, a ‘man-in-the-middle‘ (or MITM) attack occurs when an attacker secretly intercepts confidential data that comes from a communication between two parties. MITM attackers have been known to create false wi-fi addresses that mimic authentic names. Once an unaware user logs onto this false wi-fi hotspot, they’re leaving their data open to diversion and theft.


“You could be sitting in a hotel lobby and an unnoticed person in the corner with a laptop could be gathering all your data through the bogus wi-fi they’ve set up and you’ve logged onto”

Rob Lawlor, Intercity Technology


Intercity Technology is partnered with , specialists in mobile security. Wandera produces a regular Mobile Data Report that shows levels of data leakage through mobile apps. The October 2015 report identified 900 new spam hosts and 300 new variants of password leaking apps and websites globally.

Wandera’s Channel Manager, Suzan Sakarya, sums it up, “We have more flexibility and convenience, making us more productive.  But with 20 million wi-fi hotspots available, it’s impossible for users to determine which wi-fi networks are safe”.

“The important thing is for businesses and individuals to be aware of the risk,” Rob Lawlor concludes, “and to seek the right professional advice about protecting themselves.  Exporting always carries an element of risk, but some risks can be actively avoided or minimised”.


If you would like to ensure that your business and people are secure, please call Rob Lawlor, on 0161 667 2175, to discuss your options.


Intercity Technology have produced a webinar, exploring this issue.  Hosted by Suzan Sakarya, you can watch it by clicking the link below;