Europium – Keeping it clean for everyone

Europium – Keeping it clean for everyone

Europium World UK, best known for their Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers, are making moves and continuing their innovation that drives this exciting company forwards.

The innovation in the health and wellbeing market is all about air and water quality and that’s why it’s a natural fit for Asenza, – It’s what they do anyway.

Europium’s products have been specially developed with the potential to serve a multitude of market sectors – from home use to business to healthcare.

They have been in the wellness industry for many years and have consistently delivered  five-star products to their customers. Their scientific rigour, inspired design and meticulous testing ensures they are perfect for use in a variety of locations making them extremely versatile.

Their new medical range has even greater market potential and will also introduce their existing range across a broader spectrum of distributors and end users. Some of the areas Europium’s products are used in include:

• Hospitals

• Hotels and restaurants

• Doctors surgeries

• Care homes

• Veterinary surgeries

• Palliative care, eg MacMillan homes and hospices

• Local Education Authorities

• Home use such as nurseries, play rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and pet areas

So you might say, “Air purifiers, so what, it’s already a crowded marketplace”. Well, as always with Core clients, innovation is the key to success.

Europium are leading the market by creating new and innovative products.

Most air filters cannot eliminate anything that is three microns or smaller from the air, and the fact is most airborne bad boys are, you guessed it, three microns or less.  A lot of the completion also concentrates on collecting the molecules and storing them on a filter in the machine which then needs to be taken out and clean so a fair amount of the collection is re-released into the air. Kind of pointless!

Europium’s products eliminate, exterminate and eradicate, they don’t collect, they kill so there’s nothing left of the molecules.  Not only that, but they operate in silence so you don’t get that annoying hum in the background sacrificing aural purity for air purity. The main benefits are:

• Five filter photocatalyst technology

• Desktop, compact, lightweight

• Easy to carry

• Silent

• Plug and play

• Removes pollen, mould, mildew and airborne pathogens

• No odour masking – just elimination

• Self cleaning

Watch out for Europium, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them as they drive innovation in air and water purity – the new medical frontier!