How Can Energy Savings Provide Export Success?

How Can Energy Savings Provide Export Success?

No market is perfect so any business looking to export abroad has to evaluate the risks and opportunities. Developing an export business can involve setting up a base overseas in order to better exploit local markets and establish strong business relationships. Minimising the risk then becomes crucial, in order to maximise potential. One area for businesses to focus on here is through energy savings.


Energy Savings Helps Business Efficiency

“It’s a question of priorities and strategy”, explains Kevin Goodhew of . “As with conducting business in the UK, whether or not a firm has energy efficiency at the heart of its operations depends on how it thinks about energy costs as part of its overall strategy”.

Kevin specialises in energy-efficient lighting. Lighting is an area that many businesses overlook when it comes to establishing efficiencies, but in fact it can be the source of impressive savings on overheads.

“Simply relying on the same old solution isn’t going to help with efficiency”, Kevin explains, “nor is opting for the cheapest lighting at the outset. The key is to take a strategic outlook and look at the long-term savings from a sound investment”.

Using specialised, technically advanced LED lighting can result in impressive carbon reduction figures, as well as saving on energy bills and maintenance costs.


Is Energy Efficiency Exportable?

Setting up an overseas base can mark a significant advance for many UK companies expanding into export markets. In these circumstances, being able to control overheads remains a paramount consideration, even if manufacturing and distribution costs have been established as being more favourable.

“LED lighting systems are particularly advantageous in the context of factory and warehouse spaces”, Kevin states. “Used in conjunction with sensors so that areas that are used only periodically aren’t using unnecessary energy resources, the right lighting can save enormous amounts on energy bills”.

“Crucially, specific LED systems are adaptable to overseas power systems. Businesses setting up abroad may want to consider planning fit-outs and energy expenses this end first”, Kevin concludes. “In short, if you make energy-efficient lighting part of your domestic business, there’s no reason not to make it a key part of your international operation.”


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