How Can Energy Savings Make Finance Directors Happy?

How Can Energy Savings Make Finance Directors Happy?

Business can be like jumping through hoops, navigating through a series of obstacles to win the prize. Keeping the customer onside is key.  Regardless of the benefits being sold, or the level of engagement being employed to do this, often the bottom line is what makes or breaks a deal. So with this in mind, Finance Directors can have a very significant presence when it comes to sealing the deal.


Saving Money for Businesses Gives You Influence

Businesses can thrive more easily if their running costs are containable. For this reason many companies are seeing the value in having an energy strategy as part of their business plans.

“We manufacture energy saving equipment”, explains Eileen Vizard of, award-winning, EnergyAce. “What makes a real difference to us is being able to let the client and, importantly, the Finance Director, see how what we offer can benefit them”.

Selling the benefits is not always easy or straightforward when it comes to energy saving, because it is an infrastructure cost, rather than something that directly attracts new customers.

“It’s about a business’ balance sheet in the end”, says Eileen. “For a restaurant group, we saved 10% on energy bills, through a retail kit we provided, which opened up a whole new set of possibilities for them. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes Finance Directors happy”.

Operating like this can increase a business’s influence and give it a reach way beyond its size.  “Value for money speaks to people across business sectors”, Eileen states. “Even the big players”.


Building Legacies for Business

There are additional benefits to successful business deals like those of EnergyAce. Firstly they can have a lasting legacy in terms of enabling their customers to grow.


“Savings in one particular area can free up resources in another, ultimately leading to more job creation.  In the end there are multiple benefits, from better finances, to business growth and an increased workforce”

Eileen Vizard, EnergyAce


Ultimately, being able to save money and satisfy a Financial Director’s demands can lead to so much more than simply belt-tightening. This is worth noting in uncertain economic times, that survival and growth depend on using the savings made elsewhere to keep things moving along.

To discover the scale of savings that can be made for your business, please call EnergyAce on 01695 559785  or read how much they have saved for other companies .