Is Your Business Fit for Export ?

Is Your Business Fit for Export ?

For a business to grow, it has to be fit and ready. When it comes to making the shift towards export markets, companies can sometimes face a big change in thinking, as well as more practical issues. The issue of expansion may well take a business beyond its current management boundaries, involving the kind of dynamics they are not prepared for.

The significant and rapid growth in technology means that it is that much harder for businesses to retain a competitive edge. There is a corresponding administrative burden that comes alongside this with the sheer amount of data that firms can now gather or receive.

, of True Progress Business Coaching, has plenty of experience dealing the challenges faced by expanding businesses. “Technological advancement, coupled with an increasing proliferation of media, makes it more and more difficult for companies to initiate, and maintain, dialogue with existing and prospective customers”, he states.

Mike is involved in the human impact of technological change, particularly when it comes to issues around leadership.

“There is a pressure on executives and managers to deal with rising levels of uncertainty, and to think and behave differently, which takes many individuals out of their comfort zone”, Mike explains.

“Leaders need to be effective communicators while also relating to the people who work for them. This requires a level of self-awareness and a preparedness for change in their behaviour that many executives currently lack”, continues Mike.

A key benefit of business coaching is that it brings with it a fresh perspective, an independent viewpoint. Whether it’s the analysis paralysis arising from too much big data coming in, or the inability of managers to adapt their thinking to meet the demands of an expanding, marketplace, coaching provides the kind of support needed to prepare businesses for change.

“The positive effects of this kind of externally sourced support can be long lasting and enormously beneficial. Outcomes might involve better understanding within teams, the implementation of new sales and marketing strategies, and the clarification of new business aims and interests”, concludes Mike.

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