BITA Exposes Technology’s Impact on International Engagement

BITA Exposes Technology’s Impact on International Engagement

Good relationships and communication are essential for successful trade, especially in international markets.

A video conference call can put you in front of a counterpart on the other side of the world at any time of day or night, saving time and money on travel costs.

But does it deliver the same results as the holy grail of having a face-to-face meeting?

Building Relationships

“Whether it means travelling up and down the country or flying to another country, personal connections help businesses secure successful and sustainable partnerships that benefit both parties,” explains Paul Whitnell, President of the British Irish Trade Alliance (BITA)

“Building a relationship with someone creates a trust and mutual investment that is difficult to achieve by email, phone or staring at a screen in a video conference call.”

“Technology helps business in many ways, but over relying on it could be detrimental for relationship-building.”

The Personal Touch

BITA was set up in the aftermath of the 2008 global recession, with the aim to:

  • help people relocating from Ireland to the UK to adapt to cultural changes and grow their business
  • create and promote trade links between the UK and Ireland in order to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively in both countries

“The British Irish Trade Alliance is a caring international organisation,” says Paul. “Whatever country our members are in, we want them to connect, communicate and engage with people who can help.”

“While many of us rely on technology, the personal approach is still vital in business”

Paul Whitnell, BITA

“Through BITA’s work, networking, and educational and social events in both countries, we enable our members to achieve the holy grail of business – to meet people and prospects face-to-face,” concludes Paul.

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